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About Katherine Fristrom

I have never picked one thing to do. Despite my love of art and theater, I play three sports. I do a lot of my art homework digitally and yet given the chance I will almost always pick to make something 3D rather than draw it.  My art reflects the many different focuses I have in my life. I bring together the different materials and processes I have experience with to everything I do.


I am currently a Junior at Cambridge School Of Weston. I play three sports there along with taking as many Art and Science classes as they will let me. I also spend time at the Mossesian Center for Art as the Property Artisan for Watertown Children's Theater. I have been involved at the Center for over 10 years in both the visual arts side and Watertown Children's Theater. In my job as the Property Artisan, I get to use my many experiences in all forms of art to create the world of the show.


Art allows me to create completely different worlds. Being involved in the Arts is what makes me who I am today. I believe that I will be doing some form of art for the rest of my life. Art is something anyone can do as long as they find what within it they enjoy and I consider myself extremely lucky to have gotten to be so surrounded by art for as long as I have been.

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