About Katherine Fristrom

My work across many mediums allows me to take techniques and apply them to different projects. Working in so many mediums gives me a greater understanding of art as a whole.


I am currently a Sophomore at Cambridge School Of Weston. I spend most of my time at Watertown Children’s Theater as an Assistant Stage Manager. I use my artistic skills to make props for Watertown Children’s Theater. When I am creating a prop or a 3D model I usually start with an idea in my brain. From there I use my experience in many mediums to help me pick the best medium for the project. Making 3D models is almost like solving a mystery for me. I have to use my idea and what I want the result to be as clues to get the best product.


Art allows me to create completely different worlds. Being involved in the Arts is what makes me who I am today. I believe that art will save the world. I try to do what I can to help those efforts and to create a better world with art.